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In Good Fun

Wish You Were Here TODDLER tee

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Don't we all wish you were here? Thank you quarantine! I designed this tee 2 years ago with the purpose of when you are traveling or on vacay, or at an vent, you could snap a pic and be pretty much like a vitual post card...and make your friends jealous of the fun places you're at! BUT NOW this tee means more. It means you wish your parents were here with you to celebrate holidays, or you wish you were here with your friends drinking and playing cards. Buy the tee, wear it on your virtual hang outs, and show the world "Wish You Were Here"

You have the option of a front print or a back print. Snag the tee, snap some pics, and share! Don't forget to tag @_ingoodfun

Let's spread this tee and the message!

* these are hand stamped and made to order so please allow, at the most, 2 weeks for shipping.